"The Raven" Kinetic Typography

Motion Design

My intention with this project was to creatively visualize the poem “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe. I started my design process by carefully reading the poem and then selecting a stanza. After finding audio of the poem being read aloud, I began working on sketches, a storyboard, and then created the frames in Adobe Illustrator. Finding audio before designing the frames allowed me to match the illustration style to the sound that I used for this project. I was also inspired by another of Poe’s stories, “The Tell-Tale Heart.” The tone of the narration allows the readers to easily place themselves within the story. I wanted this project to have a similar feeling, as though Poe were writing a letter, perhaps narrating “The Raven” himself. I established this tone by adding sound effects and creating all of the illustrations with a hand-drawn look. I am extremely proud of the final product and would love to work on another kinetic typography project like this one.